Mr. Taxman.

Hello Patrons!

Patreon has added some criteria that as creators we have to add to our account. Taxes.

You will now have taxes added to your current pledge amount.

I am not sure how much tax. It is region specific and the only thing I control is what benefits you as a patron receive as an exchange for the monthly pledge.

The monthly art giveaways I added as tax exempt.

Please message me if you have any concerns or the taxes seem high and I will make adjustments if necessary.

I appreciate your support!

Poem Update

In a previous post I shared the progress of an illustration I was working on. A poetry book that figures into the plot of my book and the series. In my story, it is one of many books, Ghyslaine’s dah has bought her when trade has taken him to the west coast.

I illustrated the full book so I can use it later if needed, although my current plan is to have it cropped as shown above. I wanted the book to have a hand bound look, because the poet that created it makes them.

I also am experimenting adding pops of color on these side bar illustrations. You can see I added a pressed flower to the book. Ghyslaine (aka Dochas) loves beautiful, simple things. These books have such sentimental value for a number of reasons. Her dah gave it to her. He recognizes and remembers that she loves to read, but not the standard fare of books he brings home. It’s imperfections and the inscriptions in a casual hand, create a personal connection for her to the words which spark something in her soul that humanity might have a depth that dragon law overlooks.

Things to note, the typeface is still undecided. This is currently one I have access to, I am researching other options. I need multiple options so that I can communicate different voices to the reader using typography. More on that later.

Here is the current revision to the poem! Enjoy!

Black marks living in a barren landscape.

Tired, toiling scratches that lend color and meaning to the otherwise barren.

Are we not like these well intentioned blotches?

Scribed with hope. Scarring the page with meaningful blobs and jots.

Sometimes running into one another briefly for a stanza and in lock-step for a verse.

Destined to part ways.

Thank you for your Patronage!

Ghyslaine’s poetry book

Well one of them.

Working on the interior art for the book! This is the one of the poetry books that Ghyslaine’s dah, Samuel would buy her during his trade journeys. So, I have been writing…you guessed it poetry.

Challenging in a couple of ways. The poems are written by a male character from a neighboring kingdom that you will meet formally in book two. Ghyslaine is sure they are written by a woman. It always amazes me how when we connect to art (music, film, prose, illustrations, etc.) we layer ourselves onto it. We feel certain this stranger feels like we do.

The other challenge is I would like this poem to mean something completely new to the reader by the end of book one. So, I have to plan it out.

You will know first!

Thank you for your patronage!

Oh, btw here is a draft of the poem…I will have to write many. Fun!

Living as black marks in a landscape of barren white.

Tired, toiling scratches that lend color and meaning to the otherwise void.

Are we not like these well intentioned blotches?

Scribed with hope. Scarring the page with meaningful blobs and jots.

Sometimes running into one another briefly for a stanza and in lock-step for a verse.

Destined to part ways.

The Wolf Queen

More artwork for the book! I started out hating it. I kid you not. I was going to erase it. The hardest part for me is I am only illustrating a handful of hours per week. It makes me very critical of the work I produce. I have matured enough, thankfully, to realize it is all in my head and I ignore it and keep moving on. At some point I will love it.

Stay safe and thank you for being my patron’s!

Page Layout R&D

As I posted earlier this week, I have finally stepped out of the adjustment funk that the pandemic brought on. It feels great to have my vision back. Even though my backside aches from this chair and the long hours, my purpose is redefined.

So, this week I focused on a couple of things book related and necessary to launch my Kickstarter campaign.

A new logo. Not new, but after living with it for about three years (cries inside), I know where it needs improvement. But, more on that later.

The other aspect of the book I focused on was refining the prose pages. I had posted my research findings earlier, February 24th. It consisted of taking three popular novels and dissecting the typefaces, leading, and word counts per page. The other part of the research was reading a book on grids for graphic design by Brockmann. He has identified when reader eye strain begins to affect the comprehension of typeset words.

I also started to explore my books look. I know that sounds strange, you think I would know by now, but I didn’t. I had many ideas and had been gathering inspiration and research, but had not defined anything.

I had found some books that I loved and identified some I did not. There was nothing wrong with the ones I did not like, other than the fact they had become the “look trope” for that type of book.

The other variable was history. How much should I be a visual slave to my research? I determined from aesthetics vantage none at all. I want the book and all of the elements in it to be it’s “own” thing. Currently, I am using historical research only to provide landmarks for visual details.

Please check out the PDF for some of the preliminary steps in my layout process, and I hope you like the direction of things!

Thank you for being a patron!

Pandemic Posts

I hope everyone and their loved ones are staying well and safe.

I think it is safe to say that the last three weeks have been “different” for most people reading this post. Fortunately, everyone in my sphere is okay, so the adjustments have been learning to live a bit differently.

Working from home, shopping from home, and limiting my outdoor excursions into congested public places.

I have clocked three weeks of working from home. Overall it has been a positive experience. I am thankful for the job and that the company I work for can continue to function.

But, my work from home office space is my studio space, and that has had an unforeseen impact. I find it hard to put in additional creative hours in a spot I have sat and worked in for nine hours on non-comic related stuff.

So, I have moved some of the comic creator workflows to my Surface Go tablet so that I can change the environment. So, I have been chipping away at things like the sketch in this post up until this week.

Everything is a mental game in most endeavors creatively. Pre-pandemic, I had trained myself to come home after working all day in an office, and find that second wind to create comic-related work. So, I knew it was just a matter of time until I turned the corner on this “new normal” and got into a different headspace.

So, the book is back on the front burner and it is coming along nicely!

Thank you for being a patron!

Contest entry

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this strange time in modern history. I have been working from home, thankfully with my wife and daughter and we are well.

I use the ClipStudio Paint software for much of my finished digital artwork. Every month they host an illustration contest and this time the theme fell into my wheelhouse, dogs.

In the picture is the original art in my sketchbook. It was created with traditional media. On the computer screen is digital version using only the pencil scans from the sketchbook.

Stay safe update on the book comnig.

Sketching on my Surface Go wip

Sketching in Leonardo on my Surface Go. Another dragon concept. I will need at least ten of them. This one is a rock style dragon, the close up has Dochas walking among the rock like spikes. Stay safe everyone and thank you for the support!