Kickstarter Update!

I have been hard at work focusing only on the Kickstarter launch. It is the apex of everything I want to accomplish. Publish my first book. So, as a result only you, my Patron’s have been seeing these updates. You have skin in the game monthly and desire the same thing. I am more than happy to deliver.

As may of you familiar with any crowdsourcing venture will know there are typically “reward tiers.” Various pledge levels that offer additional rewards to the main product or service. In our instance we are offering a book. More details on that as we go.

One of the reward tiers will include 5×7 inch art cards. These will only be available to backers of the project. They will feature original art by yours truly and different glimpses of events and relationships from the book(s). Many of you have seen the posts from last year detailing some of the steps I take to complete these types of projects.

I have been finishing up the painting and playing with the layouts of the cards. I also am creating ornaments that will be foil embossed (the white or black line artwork).

Artcard December 2019

Hey Patrons!

The last giveaway of 2019 is complete! Hooray!

This artwork is another sketching from imagination exercise also with my fancy Copic Cool Grey liners. One of the things I see as a benefit to this exercise is the random dragon inspired accessories I am creating. Will, all of this, make it in the book(s)? Not sure. But, it is a liberating exercise.

I hope you will love this card in person; the photos do not do the tones justice.

All caught up! January is coming to a close, and that means another card for you to win!

Artcard November 2019

Hey Patons!

A definite trend is afoot! This original is an attempt to experiment with sketching from imagination. What is that, you might ask? Well, it is a technique that several very skilled and talented artists like Karl Kopinski and Peter Han employ. I came across a Youtube video of Peter Han explaining what it is and how he approaches it, and I decided to dive in and give it a try.

You start sketching from your imagination with no structure lines ( a circle for a head, etc.) and no preconceived idea of what you are going to draw. You figure it out as you go. It was great fun, and I plan on doing much more of it.  One of you will get my first completed ones ever! Thank you for your support, and check that mailbox!

Artcard October 2019

Hey Patrons!

So, a trend might be emerging. This original artcard for October 2019 is like all of the monthly giveaways to my patrons, and this original is going home to someone!

This sketch is a scene from the second book, more on that to come. Some of you will recognize the pose from the digital artcard I have been sharing process posts detailing it’s creation.

It is a throwback using my Japenese brush pen and a Tombow Cool Grey brush marker.

Check your mailbox!

Artcard Septemeber 2019

Hey Patrons!

Here is the September gift for one of you! I will roll the dice to find out where I am sending this one of a kind original! Keep an eye on your mailbox!

As with everything I work on, I try to achieve multiple objectives. The primary aim is to create an original piece of artwork that you will love! I also love to experiment with these by trying new tools and finishing techniques.

With Artcard number 3 for September 2019, I used some new Cool Grey Copic liner pens I purchased around the holidays. They have a beautiful, soft, silvery looking finish. I love them and hope you do as well!

Art Cards WIP

More progress on the final art card in a set of three. These will accompany some of the tiers in the kickstarter for my book! Only Patron’s can see this! Thank you!