Typesetting is settled!

I am accomplishing much as I race towards sharing the Beta comic-novel in preparation for the Kickstarter launch.
I purchased the typefaces for the book. The main font used in the prose and notes will be Artifex. It has a lovely character to it and can handle a wide range of tasks from setting long-form type (for a novel) to titles and other type chores. It also came in sixteen weights and styles (bold, light, italic, etc.) and was on sale!
I also have been soul searching on the decorative font for the book. This font decision is challenging in that it has to versatile, upper, and lowercase letters, legible, and add to the tone of the book. My choice was Luminari! It has some beautiful forms to the characters and a modern feel.

Please check out the images for a Patron-only reveal!

More updates to come!

Thank you, Patrons!

Update WIP

Finishing up the second to last spread in the Beta book! This one was challenging. The foreshortening still might not be perfect, but we are moving on!
I built a prototype bracer out of laser paper and had my daughter hold her arm at the approximate angle for reference.
The paint is messy on the hair at this stage as I tune the colors. I will go in after and erase. Colors are on separate layers,s so that is much easier than it sounds and in some regards quicker than selecting all that hair.
I have swatches for my color palette and am referencing a completed illustration for semi-consistency. One of the biggest things I struggle with is always trying a new interpretation of the characters each time I draw them. Since it is such a part of my personality, I am wearing light reins in this regard and trying not to stray too far.

Thank you, Patrons!

Another final spread!

I had shared a WIP of this piece earlier, and I am happy to say it is complete!
This illustration is from a historical battle that took place on the southern ridge of the mountain range that separates the northern and southern kingdoms.
The Wolf Queen of White Holt Wood and her army are winning against an invading force. I intentionally set her vision on her quarry that is out of frame. A more massive prize than human troops, hmm? There is a hint as to who that quarry might be in the illustration. Look on the standard that is barely being supported by a dying soldier.
The women soldiers are the elite force that is charging ahead of her and soon in her wake.
I tried so many new things with this piece. Particle brushes for the dirt and clouds. A more painterly technique for the mountain range and treeline that spans its length. I also committed to at least one iteration of armor for both forces. I also used motion reference for the running humans and the queen.
This project is getting close to being in beta form, and you all will be reading it early! Thanks for coming on the ride with me!

Making great progress!

I have been creating like nobody’s business and wanted to share an image from the new book. This is the new page 20-21 spread. Those of you that have a preview copy of the book will notice a huge difference with the addition of the illustration on the left page.

One of the goals of the new book is to have the prose sections accompanied by content that supports the narrative. These pieces can add to the lore of the world I am creating or as in this case show the reader what is taking place outside of the main narrative and comic panels.

I am getting into a wonderful groove with the new artwork. It has a rich style that is unique to the book and I could not be more thrilled.

Thank you for your support! You are the only people outside of family seeing this image.

April, May & June art cards final!

Every month I create one of a kind, original art for one patron. Everything is based off the world I am building for my first book. This grouping of sketches are dragons. Are they dragons from my book? Not telling!
The great news for the three patrons I have, one of these is yours! Will be shipping them out tomorrow!

Thank you, Patron’s!

Illustrations continue, Historic Battle

Creating the illustrations that enhance the prose in my book! This is from the history of my world, a history that I am creating as I go. It is incredibly fun, working on this.

I used old locomotion images from the early days of photography as direct refences for the various poses of the Queens guard and soldiers. I have never thought of using that type of reference before, but it added a nice level of gravity to the poses.

Thank you, Patrons!