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Be thankful when things don’t happen to plan!

The Kickstarter campaign is still moving along quite well. I know those of you reading this that check the blog occasionally or follow me on social media are probably thinking, really?
My original timing was to launch last May and I am thankful I did not get my way! I am in the final full semester of my MFA. It has been a thing for the last two years. Well, the last two semesters have been insane levels of commitment and work. If I had launched when I wished, it would have been very bad. I literally would not have been able to work on completing the book at all over the last 9 months.
So, what is the new plan? To launch sometime this Spring, after my thesis is under wraps and then once school is over, shift gears and complete the book!
My social media is updated way more often than my blog, also you can find me on Tumblr, boca7 Silver Sparrow Comics.
Thank you again for stopping by!


Kickstarter update!

The project is still in the works and proceeding nicely, just not as fast as I would like. Coloring is in progress. I have located a great editor and she has provided the final edited draft for the preview comic. Some of the research I have been doing for another project will have positive ramifications on this comic and its format, which is exciting. I have created the rewards and am finalizing all of the costs. I am also planning the video. I will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in!


I’m back!

Special shout out to Steve for helping me get the blog working on this site again! There is much to share since my site broke.

First, I am launching my first #Kickstarter campaign to fund my first-ever print only comic! The campaign will launch in May and I could not be more excited or busy. What is is it going to be about? Hmm… the specifics are coming soon, however those that I met at Staple! in Austin a couple weeks ago, heard about it. Also, my group of beta readers have read a very rough version of the 14 page preview comic that will accompany the campaign. I will share it here as soon as I can. For now please check out my social media sites; Twitter, FB, Instagram and tumblr for sneaks. This print comic is going to be focus for a bit, so those of you hungry for an update with regard to the web comics, I apologize. There is only so much I can do at this time!

Thank you for stopping by!


Say “hello!”

It has been too long! Despite the lack of updates to the web comics I am still committed to this site and it’s stories. I write and draw weekly, you just don’t see it here. A good place to see progress and art in progress is my twitter, the link is right over there. Also, my Instagram account, @silversparrowcomics is a fine place to keep closer tabs on me and what is going on. So, what is going on? Lot’s actually. I am shifting focus from promotion (attending cons and such) to creating comics this year. My goals are simple but, will take all of the effort I have. 1) Complete my friends and co collaborators comic. It is a six page print comic that I am pencilling, inking and coloring and lettering. 2) Finish my first creator owned print only comic. This will be pitched to some publishers. I also plan on releasing an artist version that is hand screen printed and bound by yours truly. Once, these projects are behind me, I will get the gears moving on updating the weekly and monthly web comics. These stories are always in my thoughts. Daily, scenes from all of them play before my eyes. Thanks for checking in and I hope you stay tuned!



I wanted to give everyone an update of what’s been going on with my comics! I have been working on a collaboration with another artist on a 6 page story that will get published in an anthology! That is coming along and I hope to have completed by the New Year. Then I will hop on board the weekly comics train and update BloodMachines! In my spare time when I can’t draw I have been writing a new comic. Some of you heard about it and a reading from my working prose at a comics panel I was part of in October. I will be at Staple 2015 in Austin and plan on having a mini comic to share, so stay tuned.

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I am on Instagram, search for silversparrowcomics. Thanks for stopping by!


Dallas Comic Con, Fan days!

I will be the guest artist at the Cosplay Cosmetics booth this weekend. So, if you are attending stop on by and say hello! I created a ton of fan art to support them and the launch of their new cosmetics line! More details to come on my FB page. Also, I have been busy working on a new collaborative comic project! I will share more when I can. It will keep me busy through the end of this month, so all of you waiting for updates please hang in there. This is a great opportunity to work with fellow comic creator… you never know?

I am on Instagram and finding me could not be easier. Search for silversparrowcomics.

Thanks for stopping by!


Con season is over!

I had a great time at AnimeFest14 this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that took the time come by the table and hear about my comics or to say hello! Special thanks to the growing number of fans who stopped by. It is so great to see familiar faces at these events.

Well, now it is time for me to get the comics on track with regular updates. Look for the next update to be BloodMachines as we head towards the end of season two. I also have some exciting news that I will share when I can…

If you are new to the site, just click on the FIRST link for any of the comics. I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks again for stopping by!



So honored to be a guest at this years convention! I will be working on commissions, selling new merchandise and of course giving out free sketches of my characters. New updates will be coming soon!

New to the site? Click on the FIRST link for any story. Also, check my Twitter and FB to see photos and posts from the event this weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Merch Madness!

Well, my con season is about to begin so I am in full merchandise mode. My first goal is to have all new shirts and some new prints for Free Comic Book day, the first Saturday in May. It is right around the corner. The next goal will be new stickers and new printed season 1 and season 2 anthologies for BloodMachines and The Silver Sparrow. These are going to be packed with original notes, pencil panels and development sketches and are going to be a must have. When can you see all of this stuff? Follow me on twitter or FB. I post regularly behind the scenes pics of the works in progress.

New to the site? Never read any of my stories? Click on the FIRST link for anyone of them and check them out. Thanks for stopping by!


WMN Month 4, is a go, go!

A new installment of WMN is live! Major reveals in this month’s episode, but not the way you might guess. I would love to hear your feedback on these glimpses of the future…

I talked about some of these reveals in an interview with Anime Twist! last night. The link is on my Facebook page. Kari, the host, asked some great questions and had awesome insights into the comics. People that tuned in while it was live, thanks!

As always if you are new to the site click on the FIRST link for any of the comics. Also, I really love to hear from fans, new readers and fellow writers and artists, so don’t be shy. Use the Contact link or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


13 Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done with love.

1 Cor. 16:13-14

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