Another final spread!

I had shared a WIP of this piece earlier, and I am happy to say it is complete!
This illustration is from a historical battle that took place on the southern ridge of the mountain range that separates the northern and southern kingdoms.
The Wolf Queen of White Holt Wood and her army are winning against an invading force. I intentionally set her vision on her quarry that is out of frame. A more massive prize than human troops, hmm? There is a hint as to who that quarry might be in the illustration. Look on the standard that is barely being supported by a dying soldier.
The women soldiers are the elite force that is charging ahead of her and soon in her wake.
I tried so many new things with this piece. Particle brushes for the dirt and clouds. A more painterly technique for the mountain range and treeline that spans its length. I also committed to at least one iteration of armor for both forces. I also used motion reference for the running humans and the queen.
This project is getting close to being in beta form, and you all will be reading it early! Thanks for coming on the ride with me!

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