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Mini A-Kon 2014!

I am honored to be a guest artist and panelist at this years free event in Denton, TX! I will be giving away free sketches of my characters so come on by and say, hello! More on the event details at my FB site, the link is right over there. I just posted the badge artwork I created for the event, also on my  FB page, did I say western/steam punk? I did. Been working on a ton of art and will be able to talk about it soon. Currently working on an update for WMN, so please keep checking back!

The best way to keep track of what is going on, new artwork, events and comic updates is through FB or twitter, click on the links…don’t be shy!


Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone that visits the site, comes to the cons and is so supportive! You guys made 2013 a great one!


BloodMachines 19 is live!

We might be iced and stuck inside here in north Texas, but in BloodMachines it is summertime. Hope you enjoy the update! I am hoping the next one won’t take so long…

New to the site? Click on the FIRST link for each comic to start at the beginning. It doesn’t take long at all to catch up, the stories are written like dailies in the newspapers… small bytes of data to ingest.

See you next Monday for the new update! Thanks for stopping by.


BloodMachines 18!

New BloodMachines strip is live! Thanks for your patience.

New to the site? Start with the “FIRST” link for each comic.

Also, check out my social media sites for upcoming events I’ll be attending and for behind scenes artwork. The links are right over there.

See you next week!


BloodMachines, Week 17 is GTG!

One of the challenges of self publishing multiple stories is you have to change gears often. So you have to re-familiarize yourself with the current story you are working on. So, when adding the final dialog to this weeks episode, I was going through my plot points and scanning ahead to what’s coming. Man, I have been waiting for the next couple of updates on BloodMachines for over two years! I’ll give you a hint, Trixi.

First time to the site? Click on the FIRST link for any of the three stories! I update weekly, so tune in next week for…I haven’t decided yet! ; )


WMN, month 3 is live!

Howdy! Welcome back. WMN month 3 is live and features a tie-in I have itching to share! Hope you enjoy it.

New to the site? Check out the FIRST link for each story.

The plan is to have a new BloodMachines update next Monday, so see you then!


Urban Legends Comicshop!

The Grand opening of the Urban Legends Comicshop is taking place today! I know that rain and Labor Day don’t mix, however reading comics and playing board games are an awesome way to spend a rainy day inside. So come on by and stock up on fun! I will be giving out free sketches of SSC characters from noon to 3pm…ish! Directions on the FB page, the link is right over there.

New to the site? Check out the FIRST link for each of the stories. I will be updating WMN next Monday! There is a big reveal, you won’t want to miss.


AnimeFest Weekend!

I will be in the Bizarre Bazaar Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Come on by my table and get a free sketch of one of the Silver Sparrow Comic’s characters and say hello!

Monday I am also thrilled to be a part of the Urban Legend Comicshop, grand opening in Mesquite! It is going to be a blast! If you can’t make it to AnimeFest, come on by to this free event Monday.

Check out the Facebook site Events tab for information on both events.

Update for WMN coming next week! Woo hoo! Much thanks to Silver Sparrow Comic’s first ever intern, Ron!


It’s been super busy this last 4 weeks. Just finished the PR (press release) image for WMN, see the FB site! This is the first press release I have ever done. My wife and I have been working on the accompanying verbiage. Regarding the image, this is the first time I have drawn the ‘the four’ main characters together. It was fun. I knew the scale for each of them in my imagination while I have been writing the stories, however it was fun creating them in the same space. Those of you I have talked to at Cons know that one of my major goals is to have each of the female leads look different physically. Physicality says so much about a character’s personality. So it was gratifying to see them all together and see how different they are from each other. That is a core part of the storytelling that I desired the artwork to convey.

This month I will be at two, count em’, two events! AnimeFest in Dallas, TX and the grand opening of Urban Legend Comics in Mesquite, TX. Both take place during Labor Day weekend! So check out my FB page for all of the details.

New to the site? Check out the FIRST link for each of the stories!  Thanks for stopping by!


WMN is live!
I started writing this story and it’s stories back in early 2006. Later that year I had the epiphany to produce my stories on the web and shifted gears. I began planning and writing both of the weekly comics. Penning the major plot points and over the remainder of the year coming up with endings for them both. Then I went into production mode for both. But, always in background has been WMN. To get the story going I am going to do my best to update it a couple pages each month. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy telling it!


13 Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done with love.

1 Cor. 16:13-14

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