Typesetting is settled!

I am accomplishing much as I race towards sharing the Beta comic-novel in preparation for the Kickstarter launch.
I purchased the typefaces for the book. The main font used in the prose and notes will be Artifex. It has a lovely character to it and can handle a wide range of tasks from setting long-form type (for a novel) to titles and other type chores. It also came in sixteen weights and styles (bold, light, italic, etc.) and was on sale!
I also have been soul searching on the decorative font for the book. This font decision is challenging in that it has to versatile, upper, and lowercase letters, legible, and add to the tone of the book. My choice was Luminari! It has some beautiful forms to the characters and a modern feel.

Please check out the images for a Patron-only reveal!

More updates to come!

Thank you, Patrons!

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