Update WIP

Finishing up the second to last spread in the Beta book! This one was challenging. The foreshortening still might not be perfect, but we are moving on!
I built a prototype bracer out of laser paper and had my daughter hold her arm at the approximate angle for reference.
The paint is messy on the hair at this stage as I tune the colors. I will go in after and erase. Colors are on separate layers,s so that is much easier than it sounds and in some regards quicker than selecting all that hair.
I have swatches for my color palette and am referencing a completed illustration for semi-consistency. One of the biggest things I struggle with is always trying a new interpretation of the characters each time I draw them. Since it is such a part of my personality, I am wearing light reins in this regard and trying not to stray too far.

Thank you, Patrons!

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