Art card test prints!

Recieved these cards yesterday! Things are looking good overall! I was using ClipStudio Paint to color these, which is a change from my usual software Photoshop. So, I wanted to check the color from my file to the printed piece.
My friend Isi has a letterpress and print shop. She printed them and will print and finish the final order.

It is funny to me. When I work on the files I feel like they don’t measure up (to what standard, I am not sure). Then I will take some time away from them, completing other tasks and when I come back I am thankful and like them. Then I see them produced and I say,”who did these? They look like a pro worked on them!”

It is screwy, but I am way better than I used to be. But, self confidence in some areas is a process. Keep on going!

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