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As I posted earlier this week, I have finally stepped out of the adjustment funk that the pandemic brought on. It feels great to have my vision back. Even though my backside aches from this chair and the long hours, my purpose is redefined.

So, this week I focused on a couple of things book related and necessary to launch my Kickstarter campaign.

A new logo. Not new, but after living with it for about three years (cries inside), I know where it needs improvement. But, more on that later.

The other aspect of the book I focused on was refining the prose pages. I had posted my research findings earlier, February 24th. It consisted of taking three popular novels and dissecting the typefaces, leading, and word counts per page. The other part of the research was reading a book on grids for graphic design by Brockmann. He has identified when reader eye strain begins to affect the comprehension of typeset words.

I also started to explore my books look. I know that sounds strange, you think I would know by now, but I didn’t. I had many ideas and had been gathering inspiration and research, but had not defined anything.

I had found some books that I loved and identified some I did not. There was nothing wrong with the ones I did not like, other than the fact they had become the “look trope” for that type of book.

The other variable was history. How much should I be a visual slave to my research? I determined from aesthetics vantage none at all. I want the book and all of the elements in it to be it’s “own” thing. Currently, I am using historical research only to provide landmarks for visual details.

Please check out the PDF for some of the preliminary steps in my layout process, and I hope you like the direction of things!

Thank you for being a patron!

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