Page Layout Research

My book project is a mash-up of two storytelling mediums; novels and comic books. I knew that the prototypes of the book thus far were not the final formats, they were designed to create something I could get in front of people and solicit feedback.

Well, now I am starting to layout the final book, and it is exciting! As part of the process, I am doing research and applying some best practices from the publishing industry.

If you are like me, an avid reader, you probably take for granted some of the art that goes into easy to read text found in popular fiction. And it is an art. Publishers and the designers go to great lengths to make writer’s work easy to digest. Type choices, line spacing, text height, and line length all play a part in a reader breezing through that book and comprehending it.

So, the start of my research was to take three examples of popular fiction and dissect the mechanics involved.

Each book pictured above had subtle differences in how they approached the page. I ended up using a hybrid of the Longmire book and the Benedict Society. They were almost identical; however, the type size in the Benedict Society was a point larger. Since this was a young adult novel, and that is the market I am targeting with my book, I followed their lead. More to come on this topic, and I will share my layout progress later this week! Thanks for stopping by!

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