Pandemic Posts

I hope everyone and their loved ones are staying well and safe.

I think it is safe to say that the last three weeks have been “different” for most people reading this post. Fortunately, everyone in my sphere is okay, so the adjustments have been learning to live a bit differently.

Working from home, shopping from home, and limiting my outdoor excursions into congested public places.

I have clocked three weeks of working from home. Overall it has been a positive experience. I am thankful for the job and that the company I work for can continue to function.

But, my work from home office space is my studio space, and that has had an unforeseen impact. I find it hard to put in additional creative hours in a spot I have sat and worked in for nine hours on non-comic related stuff.

So, I have moved some of the comic creator workflows to my Surface Go tablet so that I can change the environment. So, I have been chipping away at things like the sketch in this post up until this week.

Everything is a mental game in most endeavors creatively. Pre-pandemic, I had trained myself to come home after working all day in an office, and find that second wind to create comic-related work. So, I knew it was just a matter of time until I turned the corner on this “new normal” and got into a different headspace.

So, the book is back on the front burner and it is coming along nicely!

Thank you for being a patron!

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