Poem Update

In a previous post I shared the progress of an illustration I was working on. A poetry book that figures into the plot of my book and the series. In my story, it is one of many books, Ghyslaine’s dah has bought her when trade has taken him to the west coast.

I illustrated the full book so I can use it later if needed, although my current plan is to have it cropped as shown above. I wanted the book to have a hand bound look, because the poet that created it makes them.

I also am experimenting adding pops of color on these side bar illustrations. You can see I added a pressed flower to the book. Ghyslaine (aka Dochas) loves beautiful, simple things. These books have such sentimental value for a number of reasons. Her dah gave it to her. He recognizes and remembers that she loves to read, but not the standard fare of books he brings home. It’s imperfections and the inscriptions in a casual hand, create a personal connection for her to the words which spark something in her soul that humanity might have a depth that dragon law overlooks.

Things to note, the typeface is still undecided. This is currently one I have access to, I am researching other options. I need multiple options so that I can communicate different voices to the reader using typography. More on that later.

Here is the current revision to the poem! Enjoy!

Black marks living in a barren landscape.

Tired, toiling scratches that lend color and meaning to the otherwise barren.

Are we not like these well intentioned blotches?

Scribed with hope. Scarring the page with meaningful blobs and jots.

Sometimes running into one another briefly for a stanza and in lock-step for a verse.

Destined to part ways.

Thank you for your Patronage!

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