The site is a wip

Working on a more personal, functional site.

Book first.

Site and KS second.

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Inking the final pages!

I have been trying to get a productive schedule going and today had good outcomes.


Spent time in the Word

Worked out

Went to full-time job

Visit with wife

Eat dinner

Watch to webinars simultaneously, one on comics for vision impaired and one on Kickstarter.

Inking while listening.

Share with Patrons!

More to come! Thank you for your interest and support!

WIP for a spread!

I know I have been quiet since the first of the year. Like most of you, just moving forward is the reality. I have been making pretty great strides and will start sharing them weekly.

Enjoy! Thank you, Patron’s!

Artcards for the year!

Hello Patron’s!

I finished out the remaining monthly artcards and everyone should be receiving a set of inked originals!
Hope the end of your year finishes well and I cant wait to share with you what is coming in the new year!
God bless you all!

Planning for a serious push.

I have next week off from my full-time career and teaching, so I printed a calendar and screen captured the spreads for my book so I can schedule some projects and hopefully complete them.

I am hopeful and will keep you posted, sharing progress as I go.

Thank you, Patron’s!

Log for week of ending 11-15-20

The Fall is tight for my passion project, mostly due to the two additional jobs I take on teaching, which I love. The pandemic and general strife in society do their best to add speed bumps emotionally; we now find ourselves in during this season.

However, we must persevere.

This past week I found I had no outside obligations in addition to the load described above, and I really found rejuvenation in drawing this illustration for my upcoming book. Yesterday when I stopped for the day, the thought came to me about sharing my progress on this piece by creating this crude infographic.

As I was creating the post and correcting my spelling of “perseverance” I realized that sharing a weekly log of what I accomplished would be beneficial to you, the Patron, and to myself.

One of the biggest changes this week is I finally am getting a handle on spending my extra time to the best advantage. For instance, I used lunch to write long-form in a notebook my book logline and the outline for some additional prose in the book. Since lunch is me in my parked car, eating is the perfect activity for cramped space and relative solitude.

Here is the logline’s current state, wrongly referred to as “launch log” earlier this week. Ha! The struggle is real.
What does logline mean?

Logline definition 1. What is a logline? A logline, or logline, is a brief (one to two sentence) summary of a movie, TV show, etc., that hooks the reader and describes the central conflict of the story.

Here it is,

“An (adjective to come) teenage girl is cursed at birth to slay dragons. Now she must leave all she loves on a journey of self-discovery, pursuing a destiny she never wanted.”

For the outline, I came up with some of the rationales for some of the plot devices.

Poetry books, why Ghyslaine loves them, where they come from, and who is the poet.

Birthdays for an adopted child. Why are they important to Ghyslaine, and what meaning does she attach to them.

Thank you, Patron.